CHPSPO Meeting Notes – February 15, 2011

The Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization meeting was held at Brent Elementary School on February 15, 2011, 6:30 – 8 p.m.

  1. CHPSPO’s 2011 priorities
  • Implement Ward 6 Middle School Plan and support of restart of Eastern (Championed by Suzanne Wells – by:
    • Helping all middle schools communicate well with elementary schools, particularly rising 6th graders
    • Advocate for resources to implement the Middle School Plan
    • Frame out a communications and marketing strategy (Championed by Jason Townsend,
    • Connect and reach out to Eastern Principal Skerritt
    • Schedule meeting with Chancellor Kaya Henderson – prepare briefing of status of MS plan implementation (Sherry and Suzanne have lead)
    • Schedule a meeting with Mayor Gray
  • Improving school food (Championed by Laura Marks –
    • CHPSPO to serve as a forum for advocating for healthy school lunches, follow up on implementation of Healthy Schools  Act
  • School Greening (Championed by Laura Marks –
  • Organizational support for CHPSPO ( 501(c)3 status, website, etc.) (Championed by Sherry Trafford –
  • Support emerging elementary schools (championed by Rachel Klein,

2. Discussion of Hine redevelopment and educational opportunities )

  • In search of ‘education’ organizations (with funding) to be part of Hine development. Hine has a long history and affiliation with education organizations. Contact Barbara Riehle ( with ideas.

3. Discussion and approval of by-laws (Contact Sherry Trafford –  Draft will be circulated before the next CHPSPO meeting and plan to approve it at next CHPSPO meeting=.

  • Discussed which schools are members of CHPSPO, and expressed  desire to be inclusive of neighborhood public schools
  • Voting members of CHPSPO will be designated by participating schools

4.  Updates to CHPSPO website – please any information you’d like posted on the CHPSPO site (upcoming fundraisers, open houses, special honors, etc) to Sandra Moscoso (, Laura Marks (, or Suzanne Wells ( or post to the CHPSPO community page on Facebook.

Next CHPSPO Meeting:   March 15, 2011

Upcoming Events:

  • March 18:  Ludlow-Taylor’s Spring Gala
  • March 26:  Maury at the Market
  • April 1:Hill Community Foundation Spring Grant Deadline
  • April 2:  Brent’s Taste of the Hill Gala
  • April 9:  School-Within-School at Peabody’s Jazz Gala & Auction
  • April 30:  A Montessori Night’s Dream:  Second Annual Silent AuctionCapitol
  • Meeting with Vincent Gray on Middle School Plan TBD


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