CHPSPO Meeting Notes – September 20, 2011

1. Walk-to-School Day, October 5, Dave Salovesh (CHCS) and George Blackmon (Maury):

· 7:30 AM at Lincoln Park
· Add to planning – map out routes to schools
· See flyer on, and on FB/Twitter for details

2. Advocating for Bike Lanes, Sandra Moscoso-Mills

· Update letter to DDoT w/ discussion and circulate

3. Ward 6 Middle School Plan:

· Generally, most school collaboration teams have not met over the summer (see short notes below); concern about future of plan given changes in DCPS staffing (Office of Transformation)
· Action: agreement to follow up with Chancellor Henderson on April, 2011 meeting and touch base on overall plan; include Chairman Brown, in light of recent focus on middle schools
· Jefferson:

o Overall, academy is an improvement over what would have happened had MS plan not been implemented.
o However, several components of plan have not yet been implemented (application process for 6th grade academy, technology + other resources are lacking, IB has not yet kicked off)· Capitol Hill Montessori at Logan: o School opened
o Some resource issues (materials for 4 out of 9 classrooms) are in process of being resolved
o Montessori middle school will not be implemented; students will feed to Stuart-Hobson/Eliot-Hine/in-boundary for SY12/13 through SY13/14 and then Eliot-Hine/in-boundary for SY14/15 and beyond.
o CHM@L have not had any schoolwide discussions around middle school since the middle school decision was made

· Eliot Hine:

o IB Coordinator in place
o Principal hired w/out panel/involving community
o Enrollment is up (2 sixth grade teachers/classes to be added)
o Principal and IB Coordinator being trained to on IB principles/how to describe IB
o Back to School Night is Thursday – 6:30 PM at Eliot-Hine – all Hill schools are invited.
o Overall, in good shape. Contingent on community showing up. Bulb planting effort being planned for fall.

· Stuart Hobson

o Implementing measures, such as the 5th grade team meeting, charting system to assess children
o Education Spec for capitol improvement in process; working w/ OPEFM, OCTO (Merging boys/girls gyms; arts/music above gym)
o Arts integration + museum program is set to kick off (funded by the school); grantwriting club; part-time grantwriter
o Largest 6th grade class ever
o Working on enhancing comms to parents/parent engagement for Stuart-Hobson; using ‘STARS’

· Other discussion:

· How can we find out where the kids at SH and EL coming from? o LT, JO Wilson kids

o Other wards
o Center City, 2 Rivers, Latin, Edison· How are schools leveraging STARs? Enable Blackboard Connect; SWW – robocalls + emails

· How can CHPSPO further engage EH and Jefferson?o Invite IB coordinator(s) to meetings?

o Meet at middle schools?

4. By-laws Vote, Sherry Trafford: please review – will discuss next time

5. Race to Nowhere Screening, Sherry Trafford – look out for November date, Need for volunteers6. Interest in working on after-school care collaborations?, Suzanne Wells – did not discuss

Next CHPSPO Meeting: October 17, 2011

Upcoming Events:

September 27 10 a.m., Public Roundtable Middle Grades Education in the District, Wilson Building

September 29 6 p.m., DC Parent Power, Thurgood Marshall Center

September 30 5 p.m., Capitol Hill Community Foundation Fall Grant Deadline

October 5 7:30 a.m., Lincoln Park, Walk-to-School Day

October 22 Literary Feast, CHCF Fundraiser to Benefit Capitol Hill Schools


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