Digital Equity in DC Education

“Digital equity is the social-justice goal of ensuring that everyone in our society has equal access to technology tools, computers, Internet and technology training. Even more, it is when all individuals have the knowledge and skills to access and use technology tools, computers and the Internet.”

International Society for Technology in Education

Who we are: We are parents and education advocates from all 8 wards who are advocating for digital equity in DC schools, specifically for all students to have access to reliable 21st century technology in their schools. As we outlined in our letter to Mayor Bowser, our students need the following:

  1. Sufficient dedicated funding in the DCPS budget to meet school technology needs equitably across all our city’s schools. Previous budgets have not allocated such funding.
  2. A comprehensive, multi-year technology plan to define and provide adequate technology to every school, as recommended by the DC Auditor in 2017. The plan should include expected costs and planned funding sources.
  3. A sustainable model (that includes adequate tech support and asset management) for maintaining up-to-date technology equitably across all our city’s schools.

Presentations to City Officials

Documents Acquired Through FOIA

Documents secured through the Freedom of Information Act show that DCPS has been internally discussing a district-wide technology initiative since 2017 (the tenure of Chancellor Antwan Wilson). None of these documents were ever published. The 2019 DCPS budget did not include funding to implement the technology initiative mentioned in these documents.


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Other Documents

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