Locations of Six Remaining Gray Town Halls To Be Changed – DCist

Locations of Six Remaining Gray Town Halls To Be Changed – DCist.

After concerns were raised about Vince Gray holding town halls inside public schools, the presumptive Mayor-elect’s campaign has scrapped the locations for the six remaining events.

While the Ward 5 event was held in a charter school and the Ward 3 event in a church, upcoming town halls in Wards 2, 6 and 7 were set to be held in D.C. public school buildings. Some city officials said this was a big no-no, seeing as how the events could be considered partisan since Gray isn’t yet officially mayor-elect.

The Ward 7 town hall scheduled for next Tuesday has been moved from Sousa Middle School to the Pennsylvania Avenue Baptist Church (enter your own joke here about the separation of church and state), but the locations for the five town halls after that are still to be determined. We’ll update our handy map once the new locations are announced.


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