CHPSPO Meeting Notes – July 19, 2011

Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization

Miner Elementary School
601 15
th St., NE
July 19, 2011
6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

New PTA/PTSO Presidents Introductions:
New Presidents from Ludlow-Taylor (Anthony Allard), Tyler (Liz Weeden), Payne (Janice Brown) attended and were introduced.

Race to Nowhere Screening
: We have volunteers to coordinate this. Brainstorm session included:

  • Possible Locations – Eastern, People’s Church, H St. Playhouse, Stuart-Hobson, Jefferson, Brent, Eliot-Hine
  • Dates: ACTION: Schools, please share your calendars to coordinate dates. 
  • Cost/Childcare: Tickets will be $10.

Eliot-Hine Principal Selection:
Quick discussion around the status of this. At the time of the meeting, the principal had been hired, but not announced. The Eliot-Hine principal hiring process did not include feeder school input. Since the meeting, DCPS announced Principal Tynika Young was selected. She held a feeder school meet and greet even on July 28.

Lisa Raymond meeting re: Ward 6 middle schools
: Joe Weedon, Maury parent arranged for a meeting with Lisa Raymond (held on July 22). 

CHPSPO By-lawsDiscussion – discussion and updates will be reflected in the next version of the bylaws.

Next CHPSPO Meeting: August 30, 2011 (NOTE: this will be the last Tuesday)


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