March 20, 2012 CHPSPO Meeting

CHPSPO will meet on Tuesday, March 20th, at Eliot-Hine. At this meeting, we’ll be joined by:

– Jeff Mead from the Smithsonian Education Lab who will discuss their Digital Media Program;
– Principals Natalie Gordon, Tynika Young, and Dawn Clemens who will be discussing their middle schools and brainstorming with us how the community can best support the middle schools; and
– Pat Brown who is the DCPS Manager of Library Media Services and Karen Cowden and Anne Ledford who are DCPS librarians who will discuss some recent developments with staffing/budgets for the DCPS libraries.

On Monday, March 19, there will be a community meeting to discuss middle schools at Maury Elementary starting at 6 p.m. Hope to see you there.

Suzanne Wells

032012 agenda CHPSPO.doc


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