CHPSPO Meeting Notes – June 19, 2012

Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization

Tyler Elementary School Library

June 19, 2012

6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.



  1. DCPS Library Funding Followup, Peter MacPherson
    • Ludlow-Taylor meeting with DCPS on Wednesday, June 20, 2012.  Request is to move librarians out of flexible categoryto core staff; , check if Mary Levy and DCPS are willing to meet to discuss discrepancies in budget; ask about ‘in-class’ libraries and what that looks like on the ground; Peter MacPherson and Robert Zarr to attend June 20 meeting.
    • Bake Sales: Add petition to sales; July 4 @ Barrack’s Row; July 11 @ Wilson Building (organized by Ludlow Taylor); look for other wards to support other bake sales; Future bake sales: have other wards host, request mtg w/ Kaya Henderson to deliver donations check.
    • Enjoy Reading (, (Ali Hoffman): Stanton Elementary in Ward 8; at schools 2 days/week
    • Children’s Budget report ( Points raised: How are the Mary Levy report and DC budget discrepancies addressed? Request granularity around DCPS budget vis a vis libraries; Why is DC Parks and Rec not represented if they are now running aftercare in many schools? TAKE QUESTIONNAIRE ONLINE:
    • Grade DC ( ( Raise that DCPS should be included in agencies to be graded and raise library issue here, too.


  1. Ward 6 State of the Schools Followup, All
    • What are DCPS’ next steps? Suzanne to draft letter back w/ key points we heard and want follow up (to be sent on behalf of CHPSPO).
      • Vertical and horizontal articulation: convene all principals w/in feeder pattern to discuss what this means
      • At young grades, start thinking of themselves as class of 2023; Introduce feeder-wide activities – Ex: robotics
      • Ward 6 MS Plan Liaison
      • Libraries
      • Ask to publish consolidated list of follow up items that were recorded in the meeting
      • School foods expectations
      • Afterschool programs
      • How can we hear from the kids, who no doubt have opinions re: librarian, food, aftercare? Video recorded interviews of children w/ their feedback on all of the above


  1. 4th of July Parade on Barrack’s Row. July 4 @ 10 AM.
    • Sign up your school at
    • Line up at 8th and I SE at 9:00 AM.
    • CHPSPO to participate. We love school libraries car. CHPSPO; bake sale, generate interest, petition, table… (Sandra has registered CHPSPO)
    • Walk with your school, then walk with CHPSPO!



Next CHPSPO Meeting:   July 17, 2012


Upcoming Events:

  •  July 4th Parade
  • July 11 Bake Sale at Wilson Building to Support Libraries


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