CHPSPO Meeting Notes – August 21, 2012

Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization
215 G Street, NE, August 21, 6:30 – 8 pm
Special thanks to George Blackmon for capturing this month’s meeting notes!
Peter MacPherson updated on efforts on the library front.  A meeting was held with Kaya Henderson and a task force is to be put together and come up with findings by the close of 2012.
Bonnie Cain shared some insight regarding the Options School expansion on 15th Street.  There was general concern in terms of safety of the students/neighborhood.  Informed that students will be bused.
Sherry Trafford discussed items from the bylaws.  Optimally, a voting representative from each school should be designated by September 1st.  Additionally, we are striving to elect officers by the October meeting.
A reminder regarding Beautification Day was given.
Another item I brought up but wanted to remind many of you on was International Walk To School Day.  The date is Wednesday, October 3rd at Lincoln Park.  An initial email was sent out in July.  Now the families are back from vacation and school is in session, it would be a great time to let your school populations know.  Please pass the word through your listservs, websites, back-to-school nights, etc.  I’ve been tasked again to help coordinate volunteers and assist with planning.
As you know from the summer, five weeks can fly by real quick.  Feel free to contact me if there are any questions at  
Thanks for your time and welcome back to a great school year.


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