CHPSPO Meeting Notes – September 18, 2012

Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization

Capitol Hill Montessori@Logan

215 G Street,  NE

September 18, 2012

6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.


At-Large School Board Member Candidates, Mary Lord and Marvin Tucker spoke about why they are running, their vision.

Walk-to-School Day (George Blackmon)

–          Participating Schools – most in Capitol Hill have signed up.

–          Food: need donations. Tyler and CHM@L will contribute Cliff Bars.

–          Speakers: Confirmed – Tommy Wells, Kathy Pugh (EZ8DC and Girls on the Run), Rita (MAFA). Pending – MPD, Capital Bikeshare (Sandra to follow up), WABA (Shahna to follow up), Josh Morgan (Anthony Allard to follow up), AAA (Peter to follow up)

–          Sponsors

Give Social (Kita McCord)

Give social is a platform to bring together groups. ( They are joining forces with Companies for Causes ( and are interested in working w/ like-minded community organizations to work w/ Eastern HS and feeder schools/community. They are looking to understand who the groups are.  PTA, out of school time orgs, to bring together community members to pool resources. Companies for Causes are 10 CEOs, staff at RAFA (Tom RAFA) that have committed to contribute. For now, focused on students immediately feeding into Eastern. Focused on most in need.

DCPS Library Funding Follow up (Peter MacPherson)

–          Peter to represent CHPSPO in task force that has been assembled by DCPS.

–          Provided feedback to task force “TOR’

–          Publish librarian budget on CHPSPO site.

CHPSPO Website (Sandra Moscoso-Mills)

– We’re hoping to leverage the CHPSPO site to help get the word out about events, auctions, fundraisers, etc at all schools. Please reach out to your school communities and designate a person (or two) for your school to post content on the CHPSPO site. The site is on a WordPress platform

– Sandra to host workshop in October. Contact Sandra Moscoso –

What do vertical and horizontal articulation mean to us? (All)

–          Eastern High School feeder pattern. Based on ideas from July meeting, drafted a white paper. Need to think about how to implement. Need principals to set more of a vision of what they want to see in Eastern feeder pattern. Read White Paper – Provide feedback via email to Suzanne Wells (

Community meetings on IB  & feeder school living room chats (Joe Weeden & Suzanne Wells).

–          Continuing discussions with Eliot Hine feeder schools. 4 living room chats w/ principal young from Eliot Hine representing feeder schools, so families have opportunity to mingle. Looking for host for 3rd grade parent – (have 2, 4, 5). Reach out to Suzanne ( if you want to co-host.

–          Tuesday, October 23rd at Atlas Theatre – IB Bob will come w/ Principal Gordon, Young, Skerrit to deliver a session on what is IB. Series of 3 sessions – IB, Academic, how it relates to Common Core Standards. What does my 2nd grader need to know so that they can graduate w/ an IB degree from Eastern? What can we as parents do to support that?

Next CHPSPO Meeting:   October 16, 2012 at Amidon-Bowen

Upcoming Events:

September 29    Maury Elementary School’s Yard and Bake Sale. 9AM-2PM. 1250 Constitution Ave., NE

October 1        Deputy Mayor Community Conversation about Quality Schools Wards 2/6, Location Amidon-Bowen, 5:30-9PM

October 3        Walk-to-School Day – 7:30-8:30 AM at Lincoln Park (by 7:15 AM if you volunteer to set up)

October 14      J.O.Wilson Taste of H Street

Visit CHPSPO on the web at


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