Chants of the Holiday – by George Blackmon

Kicking off the holiday season with a poem by our very own George Blackmon (Maury Elementary community member). Happy Holidays!


Chants of the Holiday


Dusk occurred in the city

The streetlights were turning on

A small group was gathering at the park

Their apparel was similar to those worn in years gone by

Each with songbook in hand

As they prepared to go caroling in the neighborhood

After a short talk, they lined up in twos

And walked down the street

Singing their favorite songs

The neighbors opened their windows

And stood in their doorways

As the voices rang in the evening air

When they approached the center of the street

A new tune echoed

We come this Christmastime

In our song, in our rhyme

To show some love and cheer

At this special time of year

Singing with warmth and joy

Men, women, girls and boys

We stopped by here to say

Have a Happy Holiday


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