CHPSPO Meeting Tuesday January 15 at Maury

The Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization will meet on Tuesday, January 15, at Maury Elementary (1250 Constitution Ave., NE) starting at 6:30 p.m.

It’s always good to take a moment to reflect on and celebrate the accomplishments we achieved together in 2012 before we plunge into the new year. In addition to the many wonderful things all of you achieved at your individual schools, collectively last year we:

– Led a city-wide effort to bring attention to cuts DCPS made to school libraries, and our efforts resulted in DCPS establishing a Library Task Force that released a report in December outlining a series of recommendations to strengthen school libraries across the city;

– Organized the largest Walk-to-School Day and Bike-to-School Day in DC;

– Continued to support the DCPS Ward 6 Middle School Plan by participating in the middle school collaboration team meetings and organized a community discussion on the International Baccalaureate middle years and diploma programs (thanks to Joe Weedon’s efforts);

– Created an informative and lively website filled with important school-related information (thanks to Sandra Moscoso-Mills’ blogging and tweeting efforts);

– Provided a forum to discuss food service issues and hosted a screening of the film Cafeteria Man (thanks to Laura Marks’ leadership);

– Helped spread the idea of the Class of 20xx that brings together elementary school students across the middle school feeder patterns;

– Held the only at-large school board member candidates discussion; and

– Filed the paperwork to make CHPSPO an incorporated organization plus opened a CHPSPO bank account.

Thank you all for all you’ve done to support CHPSPO’s mission to promote cooperation among the parent organizations of the public schools on Capitol Hill in order to improve the eudcation received by all children attending our schools!

Our agenda this coming Tuesday will be:

6:30 pm Welcome and introductions
6:35 pm Discussion of 2013 CHPSPO Priorities (All)
7:10 pm Presentation on Maury’s game lending library (Vanessa Ford, Maury Think Tank Teacher)
7:30 pm DCPS Library Task Force update
7:35 pm Company for Causes
7:45 pm CHPSPO 501(c)3 (Sherry Trafford)

If you have other agenda topics, please let me know. See you on Tuesday.

Suzanne Wells


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