Councilmember Catania Community Conversations

Dear Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization members,

Please post the following information on your school list serves:

Councilmember Catania has scheduled a series of Community Conversations in each Ward to discuss the future of public education in DC. Councilmember Catania chairs the Committee on Education. The Ward 6 Community Conversation is scheduled for Wednesday, July 31 at the Southwest Library (900 Wesley Place, SW) from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. You can register for the Community Conversation at

Nine bills have been introduced before the Council that cover a wide range of issues including providing chartering authority to the Chancellor of DCPS, establishing a unified lottery and common application for DCPS and the public charter schools, establishment of an Office of the Student Advocate, amendments to the Uniform Per Student Funding Formula, and establishment of a process for the disposition of surplus DCPS properties that gives a right of first offer to public charter schools. The nine bills are:

These are important changes being considered for our public schools. The Community Conversation is an opportunity to make your voice heard on the future of public education in our city. Please try to attend the Ward 6 Community Converation on July 31.

Suzanne Wells


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