CHPSPO Meeting Notes – August 13, 2013

Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization
Capitol Hill Community Foundation

419 East Capitol St., SE (next door to Riverby Books)

August 13, 2013
6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.


1. Washington Teachers’ Union Outreach – David Street

Discussion by group:

  • Union striving towards community participation
  • How to ‘maximize’ the ‘ward’ or community meetings?
  • Cultural changes around ‘last days of school’
  • Is IMPACT a sensible use of resources?
  • How can we (community) best support efforts (akin to IB)
  • How can we align w/ WTU  and community on issues like Catania bills (ex: chartering capability for DCPS)
  • Relationship between Teach for America, DCPS and impact to career teachers?
  • Principal contracts – 1 year apt
  • Aug 27 community organization alliance strategy meeting: Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ 5301 North Capitol Street, NE – 6:30-8:30PM

2. Campaign for Artful Resistance – Bess Altwerger invited (

Discussion by group:

  • Do schools, individuals, teachers, families want to create art?
  • Ideas around ‘it’s not on the test’?
  • Art to be displayed at busboys and poets? Other public spaces?

3. Discussion of Council member Catania’s Community Conversations; Next Steps on Education Bills

  • Parents and Communities for Neighborhood Schools
    • Soon to distribute comments around Catania bills
  • Need to keep close watch on when hearings are scheduled
    • Catania may not necessarily introduce all bills for vote

4. Planning Walk-to-School Day – George Blackmon

  • Communications to schools this week. Are schools participating? Recruit volunteers.

5. CHPSPO Elections


  • Suzanne Wells – Chair
  • Sandra Moscoso – Secretary
  • Treasurer?
  • Vice Chair?

6. Libraries Update

  • Librarians for schools 300+ was restored; excess from renovations earmarked to stock school libraries supported by council. However, librarians have not been actively recruited, nor have books been purchased for renovated schools.  NOTE – See update on this via Peter MacPherson’s recent post.
  • Plan: protest at ribbon-cutting for Dunbar

Next CHPSPO Meeting:  September 17, 2013

Upcoming Events:

August 24              School Beautification Day

August 27              WTU Community Organization Engagement Strategy planning meeting:  Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ 5301 North Capitol Street, NE – 6:30-8:30PM

October 9              Walk to School Day


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