CHPSPO Meeting December 17 at Watkins

The Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization will meet on Tuesday, December 17, at 6:30 p.m. at Watkins Elementary in the library. We will continue our discussions on middle schools and school boundaries/feeder patterns, and will discuss co-sponsoring candidates forums next year for the Ward 6 city council and mayoral races. If you have additional topics, please send them to me. Please note that the Ward 6 representatives to the school boundaries/feeder patterns Advisory Committee, Denise Forte and Marty Welles, will not be able to attend the December 17 CHPSPO meeting because they have an Advisory Committee meeting that same evening.

Attached are a series of recommendations for improving middle schools that came out of our November CHPSPO meeting. These recommendations were sent on 12/15/13 to Chancellor Henderson and Councilmember David Catania.

Finally, a recent request went out for dates for upcoming school auctions/fundraisers. If your school has identified the date for its auction/fundraiser, please let me know.

2013 Fundraisers
March 8 Tyler Alchemy of Great Taste
March 22 Maury at the Market
March 29 Brent Taste of the Hill

Hope to see you on Tuesday.

Suzanne Wells

121713 CHPSPO Agenda.docx

Recommendations for Improving Middle Schools 121313b.docx


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