At Back-to-School Time, Help Provide Uniforms for Homeless Children in Capitol Hill Schools

It’s back to school for our kids – and homeless kids living in a decrepit shelter just a few miles from the Hill.

When you buy back-to-school supplies and clothes for your kids, please consider buying uniforms for a few of the 100s of homeless children who attend public schools on Capitol Hill.

It’s easy to help: Buy one or more uniforms on Amazon and the items will ship directly to the Playtime Project (the organization districting them to DC General families):

With the ongoing news of terrible conditions at the old D.C. General Hospital (especially in the wake of Relisha Rudd’s disappearance), this uniform drive is something we can do to help children living day-to-day at a shelter just around the corner.

Ask a co-worker and a friend or neighbor to purchase a uniforms too. Purchases are tax deductible.

More info about the uniform drive here:

New uniforms for these kids WILL make a difference! They need a uniform 5 days a week and not only do they have the means to buy enough shirts and pants for 5 days, there is no clothes washing facilities at DC General, making it very hard to go to school in clean uniforms.

We understand from teachers and advocates for homeless kids that clean clothes (which this uniform drive provides) can help cut down on bullying (sadly) and improve the confidence and sense of dignity of the child.By Liz Festa and Beth Bacon


2 thoughts on “At Back-to-School Time, Help Provide Uniforms for Homeless Children in Capitol Hill Schools

  1. I love the uniform idea. Are the uniforms listed in the Amazon link appropriate to the schools where these children attend? For example, I know that Brent has a hunter green or white requirement for shirts, and Tyler I think has yellow shirts. Also, think about using to let some of your purchase be donated to the charity or non-profit of your choice.

  2. The schools’ homeless liaisons responded with the colors and sizes needed and that is how we shopped. This has been ongoing so many clothes have been purchased in the sping. Brent did not respond and has a homeless population of perhaps one or two, and I think someone dropped off some Brent-specific clothes already. Playtime distributes the clothes to the kids who need them. ALso, if you cna use Smile.Amazon, please do. And remember hygiene items, as well! Thank you.


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