Dear Payne ES Community:

As you may know, we received exciting news this week that Mayor Gray transmitted a reprogramming to the Council to fund the completion of Payne’s modernization project, including critical improvements for special education students and fourth and fifth graders, as well as compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  If approved, this reprogramming will bring to an end this year’s “tale of two schools,” where some students have modernized classrooms and some students do not, and where physically disabled students, parents and community members continue to have to navigate a school without an elevator or sufficient ramps.  We understand that one parent is not able to visit her child’s classroom because the school does not have an elevator.

Unfortunately, the Council may block the reprogramming.  We understand that Ward 7 Council Member Alexander either has or is planning to introduce a disapproval resolution that will delay or block the reprogramming because it moves funds from a future Ward 7 capital project and directs them to the Payne and Stanton ES projects (a Ward 8 school that is also in need of additional dollars to complete its modernization).  We understand and respect Council Member Alexander’s position, but we strongly believe that improving the learning environment of CURRENT Payne students NOW is a more critical need than funding construction of a new building that is still only in the planning stages.  You can learn more about the reprogramming here:

Please help ensure that the reprogramming is approved by contacting all 12 Council Members ASAP!  You can send them the following message.  Please also use social media to get the word out.

Their email addresses and telephone numbers are listed below.

Council Member Wells: 724-8072

Council Member Catania: 724-7772

Council Member McDuffie: 724-8028

Chairman Mendelson: 724-8032

Council Member Graham: 724-8181

Council Member Evans: 724-8058

Council Member Cheh: 724-8062

Council Member Bowser: 724-8052

Council Member Alexander: 724-8068

Council Member Orange: 724-8174

Council Member Grosso: 724-8105

Council Member Bonds: 724-8064


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