Why Knowledge Matters, a discussion with Dan Willingham, June 1st, 6:30PM

Why Knowledge Matters: The need for a rich curriculum, from the earliest ages

A talk by Dan Willingham, a noted cognitive scientist and professor at the University of Virginia

Wednesday, June 1
McKinley High School
151 T St. NE

How to register? The event is free, but please register so the organizers know how many people to expect.

Why attend? The Office of the State Superintendent of Education and the State Board of Education are poised to consider revisions to DC’s current accountability rules and to high school graduation standards. The question of what is fundamental to students’ education is a critical one. Teachers, parents, residents, education leaders and advocates of all kinds, come join the conversation with Dan Willingham.

Who’s sponsoring the event? Major education stakeholders in the District:  DME, SBOE, OSSE, DCPS, WTU, C4DC, CHPSPO and other Ward education councils.

Who is Dan Willingham?  Willingham writes the “Ask the Cognitive Scientist” column for the American Educator magazine. Far more than most academics, he has worked to make cognitive science findings useful and understandable to teachers and schools. He is the author of Why Don’t Students Like School?, Raising Kids who Read, and When Can You Trust the Experts?

More info? Download the flyer for this event


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