CHPSPO Meeting Notes – June 21 2016


Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization
Capitol Hill Montessori@Logan 215 G Street, NE

June 21, 2016, 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

 1. Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Requirements ( – Sean Chalk, SBOE


ACTION: Online form to collect feedback:


 What do we think makes a great school?

  • School climate/school safety
    • Climate: ask student questions about how they feel about their school, welcoming, do they understand what they need to do to be successful?
    • Are practices unbiased?
    • Parent involvement: encouraged? Retribution? Have a PTA/PTO?
    • Teachers: their voice. Do they trust leadership? Do they trust each other?
    • Things that go beyond testing subjects: arts, music, phys ed., library studies, science, history, foreign language
      • How to measure this?
    • Health, mental health, social/emotional learning, conflict resolution, bullying prevention
      • DC among first to test health education; DC CAS health test: AIDS, teen pregnancy prevention (8th and 10th grades)
      • Nutrition; physical activity
      • How the school handles adverse childhood experiences; homelessness incarceration, divorce, exposure to drug abuse
    • School cohesion (ex: Tyler Spanish + Creative Arts… programs are not cohesive)
    • Special populations
      • English learners, new arrivals
      • Homeless populations
      • There are provisions to measure special populations. Are we looking at growth or end results?

What’s the role of testing, and what should we be looking for through the tests?

  • PARCC for schools, but not for students and teachers, but DIBELS, etc used by teachers to assess students. What about better use of testing w/ a goal to test less. NEED audit to assess testing – how much are students testing, how much are they being prepped for tests,
  • Growth: Assess at beginning and at end of year to test for growth w/in a school year

Next Steps:

  • Review data currently collected, which could be used towards measuring (climate, health, etc…); what do we need to fill in the gaps?
  • Assign weight to the selected indicators’


2. DCPS Education Specifications – DCPS Facilities Team – Josh Tuch


  • Ed spec = guidebook handed to architects when designing a new school
  • DCPS is in process of taking over leadership/ownership of Modernization process from DGS
  • Updating ed specs for the first time in 10 years
  • Met w/ all wards, principals, offices
  • Seeking to develop menu of baseline options; Not cookie cutter, site-specific ed specs
  • Ed specs will defer to local code
  • ‘future proofing’ so that school is flexible as tech/times evolve
  • Note: Ed spec does not define whether full or partial modernization
  • Presentation:

Process (for Ed Spec update):

  • DCPS Expert Interviews and Visioning > Community Input > Document Development & Publication > Site Specific Ed Specs (for individual schools)– Community Input
  • Finalize Interviews/Collect Feedback (Spring 16) > Publish Final Documents (Summer 16) > Collect Community Feedback on Final Document (Fall 16) > Develop Site Specific Ed Spec Policy (Fall 16)
  • Going to engage specific focus groups around grade configuration specs (elementary, middle, high, K-8, etc)
  • Note: Second opportunity for community feedback in the Fall. (reactions to draft)
  • Sample Design Concepts (see presentation)
  • See brainstorming outcomes (attached photo)


  • DCPS needs to have a process around stabilization, (along with modernization)
    • Community should be meeting with Nathanial Beers or Bridget Stesney to address gaps in stabilization and modernization processes (examples: Jefferson has been unable to kick off, in spite of having funds in place. Maury has had to restart process to reflect accurate enrollment projections – which were difficult to obtain.)
    • NOTE: Dr. Beers told council they were anxious to begin community engagement w/ Jefferson, but this has not transpired
  • Community has heard conflicting plans around engagement for CIP? Need to improve approach for engagement.
  • CIP needs to be revisited for Ward 6, from a feeder-pattern perspective (Ex: Eliot-Hine swing space, is this the most sensible use of space, when Eastern will likely be over-enrolled in a few years?)


  • DCPS (Josh/Sharona Robinson) to send to CHPSPO (by way of Suzanne Wells)
  • DCPS Facilities Team will schedule a Ward 6 community meeting with DCPS leadership to begin a discussion on the stabilization plans for Ward 6 that incorporates accurate enrollment projections and accurate accounting of prior facilities improvements, along with plans for meaningful community engagement.


Next CHPSPO Meeting:  July 19, 2016

Upcoming Events

Cross Sector Collaboration Task Force

June 28, EducationCounsel, (101 Constitution Ave, NW Suite 900), 6 – 8 pm


DC Council Hearings (confirm these, as times/rooms sometimes change)

June 22, Joint Oversight Hearing on Lead Testing in Public Facilities, 10 am, Room 500

July 6, Education Public Hearing: DCPS School Foods Contract, 10 am, Room 412

July 11 Education Public Hearing: Planning Actively for Comprehensive Education Facilities Amendment Act, 1 pm.


July 4th Parade, Barracks Row



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