Tell Mayor Bowser to Invest in Modern and Maintained Schools

fixallschoolsEvery child in Washington, DC, deserves to attend a modern, safe and healthy public school building.

>> Sign onto a letter to Mayor Bowser and other city leaders telling them it’s time to invest city resources to bring ALL DC PUBLIC SCHOOLS up to modern standards and put us on a track for reasonable and responsive maintenance in the future.

It’s almost time for the Mayor to announce her budget, and we need city leaders to know that it’s important to have a robust capital budget to #fixallschools. Not only should we fully fund the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) schools, but we should also make sure that the 12 schools that have never had modernization also get on the CIP. In addition, we need funds for much-needed stabilization efforts. By investing now in bringing our schools to modern standards, we can set the city up for a more efficient and effective repair and updating schedule that ensures all school buildings get the support they need.

PLEASE SIGN the letter BY SUNDAY, MARCH 19th to let our city leaders know we need to #fixallschools.

And please share with your school and neighborhood communities and listservs. We want everyone to have a voice in our campaign to #fixallschools!

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