CHPSPO Meets Thursday, July 19

Also to clarify seems like you can still go to your school in new school year to sign up but they are trying to get a head start this summer. Also just a heads up that it’s all changing.

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Subject: RE: CHPSPO Meets Thursday, July 19

Hey all!!

I want to share the free bus/metro process is changing for kids. You have to go in person to sign up – they are having events around town in all wards. It’s changing from DC one to “KIDS RIDE FREE”

See details here:

I’m not sure how known this is. I heard word of mouth and don’t know more than is here.


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Subject: CHPSPO Meets Thursday, July 19

Dear Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization members,

CHPSPO will meet on Thursday, July 19 at 6:30 pm at the Northeast Library (330 7th St., NE) in the lower level conference room. Council member Charles Allen and State Board of Education member Joe Weedon will join us for an open discussion on what people are looking for in the next DCPS Chancellor.

Please share this information with your school communities. Principals, teachers, parents and students are all welcome to attend.

Hope you will be able to join us for this important discussion.

Suzanne Wells

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