Brittany Wade Testimony – Roundtable on Chancellor of DCPS Dr Ferebee Confirmation – February 12, 2019

Committee on Whole and Education

Public Roundtable on the Chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools

Dr. Lewis D. Ferebee Confirmation Resolution of 2019

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Good afternoon Chairman Mendelson, Chairman Grosso, and other respective council members of the committee. My name is Brittany Wade a resident of ward 7 and a very proud mother of five children that attend Stuart Hobson middle school, Ludlow-Taylor and Smothers Elementary in wards 6 and 7.

I serve with Parents Amplifying Voices in Education (P.A.V.E) on the ward 7 PLE board. I am excited to discuss the Chancellors confirmation because I can honestly say I have done my part to help in the hiring process. Or at less talk to the ones responsible for making the decision.

My vision for DCPS is simple. I want for every child no matter which neighborhood they reside in to receive the same education as all DCPS children.

As I stated before I am a ward 7 resident and only one of my children attends our neighborhood school. Since the school year has started it has been like the tale of two cities for my family. There is a great disparity between the PTO funds generated at one school versus the other. The PTO at one school is helping with field trips and activities for the children throughout the year. I want my children to attend their neighborhood schools but it’s just not in my family’s best interest to do that when I know the school is not living up to its potential because of the funding disparity.

I really hope the chancellor will work with the Mayor as well as the council to insure budget transparency and evenly distributed resources in all 8 wards of the city. Allowing families to make the most informed decisions about the decision to enroll their children at a particular school, and how to better hold the school accountable for ensuring the funding is managed appropriately.

I also hope the chancellor will pay close attention to schools in ward 7/8 to help bring more opportunities and resources needed to help our neighborhood schools perform better. More dual language programs, vocational programs that will help prepare our young people to not just go to college and the military, but that will teach them skills to create businesses and help others in their community.

Being the Chancellor of Washington, DC is a huge task that I am sure Dr. Ferebee has now realized. I just hope that he continues to understand DC’s ever changing landscape but also keeps our children’s needs at the for front of his mind.

Thank the committee on the Education and committee of the Whole for allowing me to testify and share what I want to see for our kids and our city.





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