Upcoming Opportunities to Support DCPS School Staffing and Budgets

Dear DC School Community Members,

Thank you for your support in demanding the city maintain the current staffing levels at all DCPS schools for the upcoming school year AND increase funding in schools serving students most impacted by the pandemic.

794 community members from 97 schools across all 8 wards have shown their support. Thank you to all the school communities who have shared how their school staff will be cut, and to school communities who have signed the petition in solidarity.

The DC Council will hold a public roundtable on DCPS Initial School Level Budgets (for school year 2021-22) on Friday, April 2 @ 9:30am. Representatives from the Ward Education Councils who co-sponsored the petition have been asked to testify. We need your help.

  • Please help us get to 1000 signatures by sharing this petition with your school communities and neighborhood communities. Find the link HERE.
  • If you are able, please watch the hearing and support via Twitter using #fundDCPSschools #noDCPScuts
    • Watch the hearing live April 2 @ 9:30am (or recorded later) HERE
    • Find social media contacts for DC Council, Mayor, Chancellor, Ed Council, and Media HERE

We will send a reminder on Friday morning ahead of the hearing. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,

Betsy Wolf and Sandra Moscoso (please see all petition sponsors below)

Ward 2 Education Council
Ward 3 Wilson Feeder Education Network
Ward 4 Education Alliance
Ward 5 Education Equity Committee
Ward 6 Public Schools Parent Organization
Ward 7 Education Council
Ward 8 Education Council

Layla Bonnot, 1A01
Christine Miller, 1A05
Judson Wood, 1A06
Jason Clock, 1A12
Lisa Gore, 3G01
Evan Yeats, 4B01
Erin Palmer, 4B02
Tiffani Nichole Johnson, 4B06
Colleen Costello, 5B05
Robb Dooling, 6A06
Dorothy Douglas, 7D03

DC Fiscal Policy Institute


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