W6PSPO Mourns the Sudden and Tragic Passing of Liz Davis

Photo Credit: Suzanne Wells

The Ward 6 Public Schools Parent Organization mourns the sudden and tragic passing of Liz Davis, the President of the Washington Teachers’ Union. Liz was a fierce advocate for teachers. She transformed the WTU into one of the most powerful teachers unions in the country. Her work was always grounded by her four decades teaching in the public schools.

Liz was also a masterful organizer. She understood the importance of bringing parent voices to the table. As was characteristic of Liz, she called in for the March 2021 W6PSPO meeting to help her learn more about parent issues with reopening schools.

We take this time to mourn with Liz’s family, friends and colleagues. We vow to honor Liz by continuing her work to ensure an equitable education for every child.


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