Max Whitsell Testimony – DCPS Budget – Nov 16 2022

watch testimony here

7th Grade Student, CHML

Mr. Chancellor, my name is Max Whitsell and I’m in 7th grade at CHML. My school and friends are really important to me – and so are sports.

I found out today at basketball practice that DCPS will not allow my school to have a basketball team that can compete in games this year. I am so upset and disappointed.

We have around 13 boys and 12 girls who have been practicing three times a week and are excited to play. We have great coaches.

I don’t understand why you won’t let us play.

Is it because we are a small school?

Is it because we did something wrong?


We are having so much fun and want to try to compete. You are cutting off our interests, hopes, dreams and our school’s diversity in clubs. Why won’t you let us play now?

Please change your mind and let CHML boys and girls compete in basketball. Thank you


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