Decoding the FY24 DCPS Budget

The DCPS Budget for SY24 presents some schools with cuts (in spite of stable enrollment and in spite of DC Council Legislation designed to prevent cuts). It also provides increase in funds to some schools with large populations of students with the greatest need. To help DC families understand the budget, three DC parents (and parents of alumni) have put together analyses of the budget.

Ward 6 parent Dr. Betsy Wolf examines equity and adequacy and compares SY24 to past budgets. See her Twitter “Ted Talk” 🧵 here.

Dr. Mary Levy, highly regarded for her exhaustive experience examining DC Public School budgets, also shared her analysis via a Twitter 🧵.

Finally, Ward 2 Ed Council President and DCPS parent, David Alpert, drafted an explainer of DCPS SY24 budgets, with tips on how to identify whether (and why) your school is sustaining cuts. Read David’s substack here.


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