What We’ve Been Up To

School Libraries Project  

The CHPSPO embarked on the revitalization of libraries at eight schools in an effort that was adopted as an initiative of the Capitol Hill Community Foundation (CHCF).  The vision, staff and financial support of the Community Foundation, which worked with DCPS to share resources and develop uniquely wonderful library learning environments, made this idea a reality.  Architects from the Washington Architectural Foundation gave their time and talent to design these spaces, sometimes with input from students.  The CHCF and DCPS committed and raised more than $2 million; and Principals from all eight schools agreed to provide professional library/media specialists for the new libraries. 

Programs for 3 Year-olds 

Recognizing that many children are ready for school at age three, parents and principals alike voiced an interest in opening programs for three year-olds.  With help from then Ward Six School Board Member Tommy Wells, Brent and Maury opened programs for 3 year-olds; in 2006, Tyler opened a Spanish immersion program for 3 year-olds; in 2007 Peabody added a second 3 year-old program to the Cluster School, which has a long-established Montessori Program whose students enter at age three. 

Schoolyard Greening 

Exciting outdoor improvements are occurring to the schools on Capitol Hill that both beautify the grounds, and provide outdoor learning environments.  The CHPSPO is exploring opportunities to coordinate greening efforts and share teacher training opportunities.  
Several member schools have applied for and received significant grants to create model urban school yards where urban gardens become an additional classroom for students. Take a walk around Capitol Hill and you will see that all of our public elementary schools are united by beautification of the grounds and an emphasis on increased green space for our students

Middle Schools 

Developed a Capitol Hill Middle Schools proposal and presented it to DCPS. This community driven proposal has served as DCPS’ plan for middle schools in Ward 6, which will impact Eliot-Hine, Jefferson, and Stuart-Hobson and will kick off School Year 10/11.

Why School Communication Matters

Hosted presentation by the authors of the book for principals to discuss the importance of effective communication, and communication strategies.


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