CHPSPO Delivers Ward 6 Middle School Briefing to Chancellor Henderson

On March 23, CHPSPO parents representing collaborations teams from Eliot-Hine MS, Jefferson MS, Stuart-Hobson MS, and the Montessori Committee (Watkins/Logan) presented a briefing to Chancellor Kaya Henderson on the implementation of the Ward 6 Middle School Plan. Click here for the presentation.

2 thoughts on “CHPSPO Delivers Ward 6 Middle School Briefing to Chancellor Henderson

  1. After going to meeting with the CHIPSO parents I find the they are one sided they only looking at the benefits for a group of children and not all. If they don’t like you they put out false truth about you, when they should be helping to make it better. I didn’t see but 6 members at the meeting with Chancellor Henderson and none where from the Middle Schools. People are no longer going to their meetings because of the one sidedness. I think everyone is doing their best(School Staff) and we should be helping NOT hurting because of our own personal feelings.

  2. CHPSPO welcomes participation from parents and school representatives from each of our public schools on Capitol Hill. Our work in proposing a plan for improvement of middle schools on the Hill was the subject of intense community outreach and many hours of collaborative work during 2009-2010, and we continue to advocate an approach to school improvement that provides opportunities for all students in public schools on Capitol Hill. Meeting minutes are posted on this website.

    Our mission is “To promote cooperation among the parent organizations of the public schools on Capitol Hill in order to improve the education received by all children attending our schools.” We stand by this mission.


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