No meeting doesn’t mean no work – upcoming CHPSPO initiatives

No meeting doesn’t mean no action. Please read about what we’re up to (and how you can contribute).


  1. Identify the new SY2011/2012 PTA president at your school. Please send their contact information to Suzanne Wells so they can be included in communications (
  2. Hosting a screening for the movie Race to Nowhere Know anyone who might be interested in helping to organize? Please send Suzanne the names of parent volunteers who would be interested in helping organize the screening, including finding a location to show the film and advertising the screening
  3. Attend a double-feature book talk and film screening about THE POWER OF PARENT ORGANIZING FOR SCHOOL REFORM. June 28, 6-8PM @ Busboys and Poets. 
  4. The Capitol Hill Fourth of July parade will take place again at Barrack’s Row. Register your school or group here:
  5. There will be a Save Our Schools & National Call to Action national conference and rally in Washington, DC July 28 – 31.  If you are interested in attending the conference, you can register at registering for the Save Our Schools Conference and/or hosting a family.
  6.  Bylaws are still underway.

    See you in July!


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