January 17 CHPSPO Meeting

Happy New Year, CHPSPO Community!

Our next Capitol Hill Public School Parent Organization meeting will be January 17 at 6:30 pm at Capitol Hill Montessori @ Logan.

At our meeting on the 17th, we will be joined by Jeralyn Cave from the Office of the State Superintendent of Education who will be giving us an overview of the No Child Left Behind flexibility waiver application process. OSSE will be submitting a flexibility waiver request in February 2012 that is intended to guide the support and interventions for schools that don’t make AYP. Since most of the schools on the Hill did not meet AYP in 2011, this will be an important effort for us all. Attached is an OSSE briefing about the flexibility waiver application.

At our January meeting, we will be brainstorming ideas for what we want CHPSPO to do in 2012. Please bring your ideas, big and small, to share. As we discuss our priorities for 2012, please remember the Helen Keller quote, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

There are two important meetings in January. On January 19, there will be a community meeting about the modernization of Stuart Hobson Middle School. A very exciting renovation is planned for Stuart Hobson, but of course, there aren’t enough modernization funds to do all that is needed at the school. The renovation is on a fast track, and this meeting will be an opportunity to voice expectations before the renovation begins. Flyer is attached.

On January 23, DCPS will be hosting an Lottery Information Session at Payne Elementary School. As the lottery process begins, many new parents are weighing their school options. There will be an opportunity for schools to have brochures and/or other information to disseminate to interested parents, if you are interested.

See you on Tuesday.

Suzanne Wells

Stuart Hobson modernization flyer.pdf

OSSE-ESEA Flexibility Dec SBOE FINAL.ppt

011712 agenda CHPSPO.doc


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