Calls needed to oppose Rep. Chaffetz’s DC voucher bill: CALL NOW – before 10am on Wednesday

Congressman Jason Chaffetz introduced a DC voucher bill Monday (March 6) which will be voted on by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Wednesday morning (3/8).

Time is short! Please call members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to oppose the bill BEFORE WEDNESDAY AT 10AM.

The bill is expected to be at least another reauthorization of the SOAR Act, or worse, a significant expansion of the DC voucher program in advance of a Trump/DeVos proposal to divert $20 billion from other federal programs to private, religious, and home schools.

> Read a letter from DC Councilmembers opposing the SOAR reauthorization in 2015

Talking points for your calls could include:

1) DC doesn’t want or need a voucher program. DC Public and Public Charter schools are rapidly improving and already offer DC parents a wide variety of educational options. In fact, we already have more “school choice” than nearly any other jurisdiction, with accompanying performance and accountability frameworks that provide transparency and protect students’ civil rights, unlike private schools.

2) 80% of students using vouchers in DC attend private religious schools, which operate outside federal civil rights protections and the non-discrimination provisions of the DC Human Rights Act.

3) Imposing a federal voucher program on DC residents outside of our local legislative and budget process is undemocratic and an attack on DC Home Rule.

4) Do your job — your constituents didn’t elect you to the school board in DC. Hands Off DC Schools!

Members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee

Amash, Justin MI 3d DC 202-225-3831
Blum, Rod IA 1st DC 202-225-2911
Chaffetz, Jason UT 3d DC 202-225-7751
Comer, James KY 1st DC 202-225-3115
DeSantis, Ron FL 6th DC 202-225-2706
DesJarlais, Scott TN 4th DC 202-225-6831
Duncan, John J., Jr. TN 2d DC 202-225-5435
Farenthold, Blake TX 27th DC 202-225-7742
Foxx, Virginia NC 5th DC 202-225-2071
Gosar, Paul A. AZ 4th DC 202-225-2315
Gowdy, Trey SC 4th DC 202-225-6030
Grothman, Glenn WI 6th DC 202-225-2476
Hice, Jody B. GA 10th DC 202-225-4101
Hurd, Will TX 23d DC 202-225-4511
Issa, Darrell E. CA 49th DC 202-225-3906
Jordan, Jim OH 4th DC 202-225-2676
Massie, Thomas KY 4th DC 202-225-3465
Meadows, Mark NC 11th DC 202-225-6401
Mitchell, Paul MI 10th DC 202-225-2106
Palmer, Gary J. AL 6th DC 202-225-4921
Ross, Dennis A. FL 15th DC 202-225-1252
Russell, Steve OK 5th DC 202-225-2132
Sanford, Mark SC 1st DC 202-225-3176
Walker, Mark NC 6th DC 202-225-3065


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