CHPSPO Meeting Notes – July 19, 2017

CHPSPO Meeting Notes – July 19, 2017

Jefferson Academy

 801 7th Street, SW

6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.


Feed-the Feeder – Bruce DarConte, President Near Southeast Community Partners

Goal of Feed-the-Feeder effort for Jefferson Academy has been to raise teacher morale, and help teachers get to know each other.

Two Feed-the-Feeder events have been held at Agua 301 with dinner and an open bar.  Teachers and administrators from Jefferson Academy, and its feeder schools (Amidon-Bowen, Van Ness, Tyler and Brent) were invited.  Councilmembers Robert White and Silverman attended the first event.  Councilmember Mendelson and Bonds along with the DME attended the second event (275 people came).  Teachers were encouraged to mingle with teachers and principals from schools other than their own

The Near Southeast Community Partners has been administering the CSX Community Mitigation Fund, and recently gave Amidon-Bowen $15K for a new sign outside the school, and Tyler $15K for technology.  The CSX Mitigation Fund covers ANC 6B and 6D.  There are six phases of funding planned (five phases have been awarded)

Starting to plan the third Feed-the-Feeder event scheduled for early November.  Partnering with Companies for Causes for the next event.  Plan to have a principal roundtable, and have a discussion on vertical integration, closing the achievement gap, and keeping students in the feeder pattern.  Planning for the next event to include the Jefferson Academy and Eliot-Hine Middle School feeder patterns, and to also include Eastern High School.

A Learning and Development Committee has been formed.

Discussed that in Ward 3 the Deal principal goes to each of the feeder schools, and takes students who graduated from the feeder school and are now at Deal.  The Capitol Hill Cluster School works to ease the transition from Watkins to Stuart Hobson; more outreach is needed for Ludlow-Taylor and J.O. Wilson that feed into Stuart Hobson.

Discussed a desire to see DCPS do more to institutionalize efforts to promote staying within the feeder pattern.

Wilson Feeder Pattern Community Working Group, Brian Doyle, Ward 3 Wilson Feeder Education Network (W3EdNet)

Brian Doyle shared that almost all the schools in the Wilson High School feeder pattern are at or above capacity, and even conservative projections show overcrowding will get substantially worse in the coming years.  Five schools currently have enrollments over 100% of the total capacity (Eaton ES, Hyde-Addison ES, Janney ES, Mann ES and Wilson HS).

DCPS convened an advisory group with representatives from each school in the feeder group, the Ward 3 Education Network, the Ward 3 school board representative, and a representative from Councilmember Cheh’s office.  The advisory group is planning to meet monthly through October/November 2017. Advisory group is broken into three subcommittees (facilities, enrollment policies and programming).  DCPS is conducting a community survey.  Expect to make recommendations in November/December in time for the FY19 budget and the Master Facilities Plan.

Many ideas have been raised so far:

  • Reopen old Hardy School that currently houses the Lab School
  • Look for additional space or partnerships, e.g., at UDC or Fannie Mae
  • Make more use of existing space, e.g., year-round use, overlapping schedules, use space at the renovated Duke Ellington
  • Combine Deal and Hardy Middle Schools
  • Dual feeder rights

It was noted that many of the Ward 3 schools have sizeable number of out-of-boundary students, e.g., Hardy MS is 76% out-of-boundary students in SY16/17, Eaton 45% out-of-boundary.  DCPS is not considering removing schools from the feeder pattern, discontinuing out of boundary feeder rights, or widely redrawing boundaries.

Challenges facing DCPS are:

  • Limited renovation funds, and renovations needs across the city
  • DCPS has substantial existing capacity in other Wards
  • Most solutions are imperfect
  • Wilson feeder parents reluctant to try options outside of the feeder

You can follow the Ward 3 Wilson Feeder Pattern Community Working Group on the DC Planning Blog.


Out of Bounds Percentages in Wilson Feeder Schools-2

Overcrowding in Wilson High school feeder Pattern.CHPSPO.20170719

CHPSPO Officer Nominations (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Walk-to-School Coordinator, Bike-to-School Coordinator)

 During the month of August, CHPSPO will seek nominations to fill its officer positions.  Information will be sent out about the responsibilities of each position, and people are encouraged to volunteer for the different positions.  Expect to hold elections in September

Walk-to-School Day Volunteers

Walk-to-School Day is October 4.  If you would like to volunteer to help organize this year’s Walk-to-School Day, please contact Suzanne Wells at  Many hands make light work!

Next CHPSPO Meeting: August 15, 2017

Upcoming Events

State Board of Education

Application period for the ESSA Task Force has been extended to noon on July 24th.

Cross Sector Collaboration Task Force

Tuesday, July 25, Location TBD

Walk-to-School Day

Wednesday, October 4, Lincoln Park

Visit CHPSPO on the web at

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