CHPSPO Meets January 15 @ Miner Elementary

Hope everyone is enjoying the snow day! CHPSPO will meet on January 15 from 6:30 – 8 pm at Miner Elementary (601 15th St., NE). This will be our annual budget discussion, and Laura Marks, Chief of Staff for Councilmember Allen, and Anne Phelps, Budget Counsel at Office of the Budget Director, will join us for the discussion. We will also be discussing the ongoing advocacy for technology funding led by Grace Hu, the efforts to secure funding for FoodPrints, and upcoming visits to the Wilson building. We will also discuss the upcoming confirmation of the next DCPS Chancellor. Finally, we are seriously considering changing CHPSPO’s name, and everyone is invited to share ideas for a new name and logo at the meeting.

011519 chpspo agenda

Hope to see you on Tuesday.

Suzanne Wells


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