Bike to School Day is May 5, 2021 – Join Us!

Ready to celebrate Bike to School Day? Join us at Lincoln Park for a (mask on) socially distant event.

However you celebrate, here’s how to join us:

  1. Register your school (today):
  2. Tell all your friends – share this flyer.
  3. On May 5, 2021, 7:45am-8:15am, put on a mask 😷, your school gear 🧒 πŸŽ’ and:
    • Join the (socially distant) festivities at Lincoln Park
    • IMPORTANT: We want everyone to be safe, so please join virtually (give us a #GoodTroubleRide shoutout on social media) if you are not feeling well (even if just a sniffle).
  4. Preview lyrics for our “Old Town Ride” singalong (
  5. TAKE PHOTOS πŸ“· 🀳🏽: Tag #GoodTroubleRide #BiketoSchoolDay @w6pspo on Insta or Twitter.

We’ll end the event with a ride around Lincoln Park.

IMPORTANT: Those with little ones (PS-2nd grade) please ride ON the park outer sidewalk. The older kids will ride on the inner street lane around the park with help from MPD. We will all meet back on the park to split off into groups and safely exit the park to go to school or back home to school!

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