Hopeful News! DCPS SY22 school staff may be restored – please help us confirm

Dear DCPS Communities and Families,

We hope you’ve heard the good news (fingers crossed) that the Mayor is allocating $14M additional (federal aid) funds to solve the gaps that have led to staff cuts at our schools. We are cautiously optimistic, though, as $14M is short of the $18M budget expert Mary Levy estimated needed to fill the budget shortfall 66 schools are facing.

From what we understand, if schools requested budget assistance during the budget process, those requests (which were previously rejected) will be granted. We have heard from a few schools who has received a ‘good news’ email.

We have also heard that some schools are being told that they will have another opportunity to request funds – we have not seen this in writing though. Finally, we have heard that some schools still face staffing cuts.

To sort this out, we’re asking the Ward Education Councils to check in with schools, but if you have received official word (good or bad news) from your LSAT or principal, please send it our way (w6pspo@gmail.com). We want to make sure no one is left out and no students have to suffer due to staffing cuts.

Thank you for your continued support for every DCPS student.

In solidarity,

Sandra and Betsy

(Ward 2 and Ward 6 education councils)


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