Outdoor Public Hearing on DCPS Reopening, Tuesday, 9/21 @ 5 pm

For those who are interested, the DC Caucus of Rank and File Educators is holding an outdoor public hearing on DCPS reopening on Tuesday, September 21, at 5 pm at Watkins Elementary School (420 12th St., SE). The hearing will focus on increasing virtual options for those who want it, more transparency around close contacts/contact tracing, and more and better covid testing. Attached is a flyer about the hearing.

Suzanne Wells

One thought on “Outdoor Public Hearing on DCPS Reopening, Tuesday, 9/21 @ 5 pm

  1. Parents want students in school. DCPS and charter schools must focus on school for students at schools. Those who want to stay at home have the option to homeschool. That option has always existed. There are online platforms those interested in homeschool can use or other materials. DCPS and Charter schools need to focus on the students in the classrooms that experienced major learning loss from school closures. Mandating vaccines for those approved would be the best step towards ensuring education for our students. Parents and teachers want the focus on learning loss and helping students regain their education. One of my under 12 students in tested weekly. That is working. One month in and only 1 case at their school. Our other school is doing random testing. One month in school and only 1 on campus case.


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