DC Cannot Afford the Luxury of Not Planning for Its Schools

The DC School Boundary and Feeder Pattern proposal, just released by the Deputy Mayor for Education (DME), reflects widespread sentiment for high-quality, by-right neighborhood schools. Families in all wards want their children to have the choice to attend neighborhood schools that offer a balanced and rich curriculum—with the challenges and support their children need. WeContinue reading “DC Cannot Afford the Luxury of Not Planning for Its Schools”

Initial Reactions to DME Boundary Review – Policy Examples and Draft Boundary Changes

DME released DRAFT EXAMPLES of policies (not final) for review and feedback from community and working groups. Here’s a compilation of initial reactions on Twitter: https://storify.com/CHPSPO/dme-boundary-review-policy-examples-open-houses-an

CHPSPO Meeting Notes October 15, 2013

Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization Maury Elementary, 1250 Constitution Ave., NE October 14, 2013, 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. 1. Education Adequacy Study by Deputy Mayor of Education – Jennifer Comey – send questions/comments to jennifer.comey@dc.gov and dme.adequacystudy@dc.gov Find presentation and annexes here: http://dc.gov/DC/DME/About+DME/News+Room/Deputy+Mayor+for+Education+Releases+Preliminary+Findings+and+Recommendations+of+the+DC+Education+Adequacy+Study Preliminary comments from Cathy Reilly and Matthew Frumin: While there areContinue reading “CHPSPO Meeting Notes October 15, 2013”