What are DCPS’ SY2022 Covid-19 Plans?

First day of school is 18 days away and we all have lots of Qs about Covid-19 safety.

Here’s what DC Health, OSSE and DCPS have shared… :

  1. If you’re eligible, get vaccinated! https://coronavirus.dc.gov/page/get-vaccinated 
  2. DC Health Guidance (August 6, 2021)  https://coronavirus.dc.gov/sites/default/files/dc/sites/coronavirus/page_content/attachments/COVID-19_DC_Health_Guidance_For_Schools_Reopening_080621.pdf
  3. Helpful thread re OSSE tech call  https://twitter.com/wperkinsDC/status/1425506072660516878?s=20
  4. DCPS presentation (no Q&A) https://dcpsreopenstrong.com/parent-university/parent-university-getting-my-child-ready-for-school-this-year/
  5. DCPS Q&A (unfortunately lots of unanswered Qs in comments)  https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=548149529721220&ref=watch_permalink
    • Lunchtime plans lightly addressed at 23:33 in video. (H/T Eastern HS PTO)
  6. And since sharing is caring, mask recommendations for kids https://twitter.com/masknerd/status/1424219326631010306?s=19

Our next meeting is August 17 @ 7:00pm via Zoom. Register here to join us!


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